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Veterinary Technicians

Adamstown Veterinary Hospital is proud of our technical team, many who have dedicated their life to the field and continue to learn the newest veterinary trends to keep our hospital on the cutting edge. We have over 6 licensed technicians and several technicians who are working on passing their NAVTA boards.

Jamie, CVT

Jamie has been a Certified Veterinary Technician (CVT) since 2001 when she graduated from Wilson College in Chambersburg, PA, with a B.S. in Veterinary Medical Technology. She started at Adamstown Veterinary Hospital in May of 2007. Her passions as a CVT include dentistry, emergency medicine and exotic animal medicine. Outside of work, she enjoy spending time with her husband, Ryan, and her two young daughters. Her hobbies include camping with her family, playing softball, trail riding, and cheering for the Phillies and the Michigan Wolverines.

Kim, CVT

Kim graduated from Wilson College in Chambersburg, Pa with a Bachelor’s Degree in Veterinary Medical Technology in May of 2006, and started her career at AVH soon after. Since then, she has been able to continue her education by attending various classes and seminars, highlighting modern techniques and topics in veterinary medicine (Dentistry, anesthesia, and radiography just to mention a few). She grew up in Denver, Pa and had the privilege of sharing her childhood with beagles. Those beloved hounds inspired her at an early age to explore the outdoors and take time to appreciate the small details, and to relish life’s simple pleasures. She loves taking walks with her family on the trails of Blue Marsh and Middle Creek, as well as the familiar streets of our development. She also enjoys playing the piano, participating in church activities, and occasional trips to the beach. Kim takes delight in experiencing the different bonds that people share with animals and she is excited to see her daughter, Charlotte create her own ties to the animal world.

Becci, CVT

Becci became a certified veterinary technician in 2007 shortly after graduating from the Vet Tech Institute in Pittsburgh, Pa with a specialized Associated Degree in Veterinary Medicine.  She was employed at a small animal clinic in Kentucky for three and a half years until she relocated back to my hometown in Pennsylvania in August 2011. It was then that started working at Adamstown Veterinary Hospital.  Becci also worked with a raptor rescue (large birds of prey) in Cincinnati for a short time, and loved working with those marvelous birds.  As a Certified Veterinary Technician, Becci enjoys phlebotomy, neonatal care, and hospice care.  At home, she has two dogs, a mischievous Jack Russell/Poodle/? Mix (Dixie), a goofy Lab Mix (Duncan). She also has a lazy paint horse named Hank.  Outside of work, she enjoys spending time with her family, her son, horseback riding, hiking, reading, and the occasional video game.

Alicia, Veterinary Technician

Alicia graduated from Harcum College in the fall of 2009 with a Bachelors of Science for Veterinary Technician. She grew up loving all animals. She has a German short hair pointer named "Remington", known to be my co-pilot. She also has a boxer named "Ziti". If she is not at work taking care of your families pets she is usually out and about with her own.

Heather, Veterinary Technician

Heather graduated from Wilson College in the Spring of 2012 with a Bachelor's of Science in Veterinary Medical Technology.  She has two wonderful dogs, Spike and Bailey, as well as two awesome cats, Simba, and Thomas O'Malley.  When she is not working, she is watching the Flyers, reading or playing tennis.

Jenessa, CVT

Alyssa, CVT

Client Relations Specialists

Our client relations team is dedicated to our clients, patients and our veterinary team. We are proud that all of our client relations team members have previous experience in the animal field, many worked with rescues, veterinary hospitals or pet industry. Having a team that has a varied background, helps us serve our clients better.

Tori, Client Service Manager

Tori graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Small Animal Science from Delaware Valley College in December 2011. She had originally planned to attend vet school, but after college some things changed and she started working at a veterinary clinic as a technician. She started working at AVH in April 2013 and couldn’t be happier!  She grew up in Marietta, Pa (where most of her family and friends still reside). Lancaster County is a wonderful place for fishing, nature walks, hunting and target shooting- some of her favorite ways to spend time with my husband. She enjoys walks with her family and friends around her hometown or by the river, and listening to music (especially country).

Kim, Inventory Manager

Kim was born and raised in Lancaster County, PA and worked in the graphic design field for nine years. In 2007, she moved to Broward County, Florida and decided a career change was in order. Since then she has always had a love for animals, she decided to apply for a client service representative position at a prestigious 24-hour Emergency, Specialty, and General Practice Animal Hospital. She joined their team, and worked there for four years before moving to Miami, where she worked with a Veterinary Neurologist for about six months. She moved back to Pennsylvania in 2012, where she now lives with her husband and daughters.

Anne, CVT

Our Management Team

The management team at Adamstown Veterinary Hospital is proud of the hospital Dr. John O'Neill and Dr. Erin Murphy built and are working hard to continue the growth of their life's work. The team is always looking for ways to improve the practice for their clients, patients and team.

Jessica, Hospital Administrator

Jessica started her career over 10 years ago in veterinary medicine as a Client Relations Specialist and worked her way up to become a manager. She has managed practices in York, Pennsylvania and Laurel, Maryland. In February of 2015 she moved back to Pennsylvania and joined the team at Adamstown Veterinary Hospital. She is very proud to work for such a high-quality practice that is so dedicated to the community and their clients. She is a self-described veterinary marketing nerd and loves emergency veterinary medicine. Jessica graduated from the Pennsylvania College of Art and Design in 2004, with a Bachelor's of the Arts. She has been noted in the veterinary industry for her abilities in creative veterinary marketing and enjoys helping other practice managers and hospital administrators establish marketing in their own veterinary practices. She is also personally dedicated to educating owners about Canine and Feline Diabetes. In her spare time she enjoys spending time with her husband and her dog family, painting, drawing, exercising, reading, design coding, and working. Yes, working, she really does like learning and creating new things for the clients and team she serves. To her, her work is more than a job, it's a passion and many of her creative abilities tie directly to the fun programs created in a veterinary hospital.

Sue, Business Manager

Sue has been with Adamstown Veterinary Hospital since May of 1989. Some of the clients joke that she came with the mortgage! Although her degree was in secondary education, she chose to work at AVH. She began at the front desk at Adamstown Veterinary Hospital and eventually learned the entire front and back jobs, such as being a technician, well enough to fill in for anyone. Due to some restructuring of the company in 1995 along with the help of Dr. Robert Hutchison, She became the bookkeeper/business manager, the job which she holds to this day with Dr. John O’Neill and Dr. Erin Murphy whom purchased the business in the fall of 2004. Her special interest has always been equine related and always will be, although she no longer rides. She has lived in the area since 1972.
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