Adamstown Veterinary Hospital offers the most advanced techniques when performing soft tissue and orthopedic surgeries. Surgical procedures performed include, but are not limited to:  Ovariohystrectomy (spay), Castration (neuter), growth removal, declaws, (via a less painful technique utilizing radio surgery), soft tissue and orthopedic surgery (cruciate and fracture repair, luxating patella surgery).

A full exam is performed on your pet the day of surgery. Pre-operative and post-surgical pain medication is given to all of our patients to ensure they remain pain free throughout their procedure and recovery. We routinely monitor your pet’s blood pressure, EKG, pulse oximetry, temperature, and respiration throughout the entirety of your pet’s procedures.

When your pet requires surgery of any kind, you can rest assured that he or she is in good hands at Adamstown Veterinary Hospital.